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Oppose further military Action


We need Congress to act quickly and decisively to rein Trump in. Trump has launched military strikes in Syria without consulting Congress. Now is not the time for congressional leaders to head out of Washington for spring recess. They must assert their constitutional authority and hold immediate and emergency deliberations to prevent any further military actions in Syria.

It is undeniable that Assad’s regime is responsible for triggering a catastrophic humanitarian crisis – but Trump is not acting in the best interests of the Syrian people. As humanitarians confronting the horror of the Syrian civil war, we must consider how we can best protect civilians and end the violence. Further rash acts of war are not the way.

Donald Trump has never articulated a vision or endgame for our involvement in Syria. Throughout his racist and misogynistic campaign, he tried to present himself as an anti-war candidate. But since his election, he has failed to invest in staff or strategies that will lead to anything other than American and civilian bloodshed.

Escalating our military entanglement in Middle Eastern countries – with the inevitable escalation of civilian casualties that comes with it – has been shown to actually help terrorists with recruitment.

Congressional leaders must assert their constitutional authority to rein in any further military action, putting the lives of American military personnel and innocent civilians at risk, and they must do it now.

Now is the time for Congress to check and balance Trump.





Understand the Science of the Federal Budget. 


Science is one of the many things on the chopping block that is the administration's proposed budget. Take a few minutes to watch this video from Wall-of-Us to get a better understanding of the Federal Budget process. Then bookmark the March for Science site, and check back daily for a week of action.




What is happening to Wisconsin Dairy Farmers?


Dairy farmers across the state were notified that due to a trade dispute with Canada,  their contracts with Grassland Dairy Products were ending May 1. 75 farms in Wisconsin face the possibility of having to close down if there is no supplier to buy the milk their cows produce.

You can support Wisconsin's dairy industry by purchasing Wisconsin dairy products, and by calling your state officials and urging them to fight for fair trade practices for our state. For more ways to act, click the Take Action button below.