The stunning electoral upset of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign struck many people with shock and disbelief. For Julia, it was a wake-up call to action. Before the dust had even settled, she got to work. With Shawn Wolf, Julia co-founded Forward Kenosha in the aftermath of the 2016 election, is a sitting Board member, and is crucial in the planning and organization of the group.


Like many people, Julia observed the way gender bias infiltrated media commentary during the primaries and into the general election itself. She was fortunate to have been raised among strong female role models, in a family with women from several generations who personified a rejection of “traditional” roles as prescribed by a patriarchal social order. Julia learned from an early age that a woman’s worth was not limited to conventional structures, and that the culture of repression and marginalization of women would not be tolerated.


The breadth of Julia’s professional experience ranges from a B.A. in Business and Marketing and a stint in human resources, to running a successful home daycare for a decade. Personally, she has been an active in several areas that address developmentally disabled children, including Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network and Wisconsin Upside Down, and training as a hospital speaker regarding best practices in Down Syndrome diagnosis. She has also found time to be a Girl Scout troop leader for the past six years, and a volunteer at Nash Elementary School (Kenosha) for the past ten, three years of which she was PTA Events Coordinator.


Julia has made Kenosha her home for more than 20 years, where she and her husband are raising three girls and a boy.


Julia Kozel

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