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February Town Hall: Jim Honeck

Hello, my name is Jim Honeck and Paul Ryan is my Representative.  I am not paid to be here but I am here to talk about something that affects my livelihood. I am a small business owner and like so many other small business owners I depend on the exchanges set up by the ACA to buy affordable health insurance. If the exchanges go away I will be forced to chose between closing the business or going without health insurance. 

I know this does not fit the Republican narrative but I am here to tell you, the ACA is working.  Sure it can use a few tweaks to expand coverage and lower costs but it does not have to be repealed and replaced with anything but single payer for all. With over 10% of the American workforce self-employed and with the number of new business start-ups increasing now is the perfect time for the GOP to show America they are not only pro-life but also pro-small business by expanding and improving the ACA not repealing it.  But if the republican leadership is so convinced they do not have the skills needed to improve the ACA and therefore it must be repealed and replaced I encourage them to get behind H.R. 676.  This bill is designed to repeal the ACA and immediately replace it with Medicare for all.   

Thank You for listening.