From the earliest days of Forward Kenosha Advocacy Group, Gina has brought a fresh perspective and tireless energy to the core of this group. Spending her formative years in a Midwestern small town, Gina eventually moved to Chicago where she attended Northeastern Illinois University, settling on the north side and taking in all the city has to offer. The diversity of her life experiences are melded seamlessly in a woman who is both sincerely grounded in Midwestern values and urbanely aware of modern political realities. After a brief hiatus, Gina completed her B.A. in Psychology with emphasis on substance abuse in 2011. 

Gina moved with her husband to Bristol, Wisconsin, in 2009. She was a volunteer for the Presidential campaigns of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012; in 2016 she supported Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for President, eventually working on the campaign to elect Hillary Clinton. The importance and historic significance of the presidential choices in 2016 – and the potential for Americans to lose so much of what has been hard-fought – has galvanized Gina’s resolve to develop a progressive organization locally that can make an impact in the state and the nation.

Today, Gina is raising three young sons with her husband in Bristol, Wisconsin. The impact of her children continues to inspire her to participate locally: she has served as treasurer of the Bristol School PTA and is the current PTA president. Her children are a constant inspiration for her “to stand up for your beliefs” and to exercise that belief in advocacy.


Gina Walkington

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