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The selected features are gathered from news articles and other media, highlighting the work Forward Kenosha is doing to raise awareness of issues that matter to our local communities, and the issues that impact communities on a national scale. We are committed to advocating peace, equality, political awareness, and grassroots organization for positive change.

1st Congressional District Open Chair Town Hall - Sunday, February 26 2017

Our nation's founders believed a representative form of government, of the people, by the people, for the people, was the true path to preserve and guarantee our freedom. All Americans would have a say in government and through means like town halls voice their concerns to their representatives. 

Our congressman, Speaker Paul Ryan, wasn't listening to all of his constituents and unlike other representatives across the country, he didn't schedule a town hall meeting during his legislative break.  Since he didn't schedule a town hall, Forward Kenosha did. His constituents were given a chance to express their concerns and questions. They had a voice.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Kenosha news editorial - Saturday, February 11 2017

The Kenosha News editorial board publishes a statement that applauds participatory democracy, citing the local actions organized by Forward Kenosha, as well as the Women's March across the country and the airport demonstrations in response to the President's "Muslim Ban" Executive Order. We are grateful to the Kenosha News, and we salute their honesty, integrity, and courage. We share their conviction that the exercise of the 1st Amendment is a precious right that needs to be vigorously defended -- and actively practiced -- to maintain the health of our democracy and the survival of our nation.

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March on Paul Ryan's office - February 4, 2017 

The Executive Order issued by the President restricting travel for emigres from majority-Muslim countries was met with widespread criticism. It was suspended by court order, and upheld on appeal pending further review. It is just one example of the administration's misguided policies. This reckless overreach into the lives of American citizens, their families, and war-ravaged refugees is a perversion of this country's standards of liberty and justice for all.

Forward Kenosha rejects the President's executive order restricting entry to persons from seven predominantly Muslim countries. In response, we organized a rally and march on Rep. Paul Ryan's Kenosha office. The report by the Kenosha News quotes Forward Kenosha member Colleen Kaeppler, and co-founder Jodi Muerhoff, standing in solidarity with immigrants, foreign-born residents and citizens, and people of all faiths that seek to emigrate to our country. 

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Forward Kenosha co-founder speaking on Planned Parenthood legislation - February 6, 2017

Gina Walkington, Forward Kenosha co-founder, was consulted in a recent report by the Kenosha News on proposed funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, recommended by Wisconsin's 1st District Representative Paul Ryan. The article contrasts Ryan's shallow reasoning, in the statements by his press secretary, and the robust rationale of advocates to preserve funding of an organization so integral to women's health. In addition to the personal story of how an exam at Planned Parenthood detected pre-cancerous cells in Ms. Walkington, a mother of three, the article also cited the concerns of Mary Coffey (executive director of the Kenosha Community Health Center) and Sofia Schaut, a local Planned Parenthood volunteer.

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Forward Kenosha Featured on WGDT 91.1- February 1, 2017

Gina Walkington, founding board member of Forward Kenosha, was interviewed for a news featured aired by WGDT 91.1 during the morning news breaks.

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