October 9, 2019

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America’s Inspiration

February 10, 2017

No one man can make America great.
America’s greatness is measured in its ability to inspire each and every one of us.
Transcending the worry of the day and bringing hope to our hearts.
America fills us with optimism of what could be and allows us to make it so. 
The inspiration that’s led generation after generation to strive to think differently, achieve new heights and dare to dream.
Americans have worked hard to build a country like no other and share in its abundance. 
It’s this inspiration that makes America great.
A greatness that persists beyond our lifetimes and embraced with each new generation.
An inspiration that comes not from one person, but from us all.
Throughout its history, America inspires and drive us.
Inspiring our Founding Fathers to form a more perfect union.
And Abraham Lincoln to lead it back together. 
For women to fight for the right to vote.
And our brave to fight for freedom around the world.
The Wright Brothers to fly.
And JFK to put a man on the moon.
It’s what inspired Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.
And Barack Obama’s audacity of hope.
Eleanor Roosevelt’s work for human rights. 
And every woman breaking through a glass ceiling throughout our nation.
All across America, we’re inspired each and every day.
From small towns to large cities.
From the Great Plains to each coast.
America inspires us to do more, to be better, and to keep greatness going.
But America’s inspiration is more than just the big moments.
It’s all moments.
Americans inspired to dig a little bit deeper in their pockets to help a loved one pay their medical bills.
Or working an extra job to put their child through college.
Giving a dollar to a hungry stranger, so they can get a meal.
Rallying to aid when someone is in pain.
Listening to a friend feeling down. 
Hugging someone who needs to feel loved.
This is the fabric of America’s greatness.
And America’s inspiration.
We are inspired every day to do great things and we do.
Those who tell you our greatness is gone.
Only do because they fear what we can do.
That together we’re stronger.
And each one of us brings greatness in our own way.
Now more than ever we need to be inspired.
To reclaim our America.
One country united.
United in our hope for the future and our resolve to get us there.
Inspired by America, for America and for all of us.
We are all one.
We are what makes America great.
We owe all who came before us and who will come after,
To stand up and demand unity,
Demand opportunity,
Demand peace.
No matter where you stand, know you’re not alone.
We stand together.
We stand for each other.
And we’ve been inspired.
Inspired by America.
Inspired to achieve greatness.
If you’ve been inspired as I have,
I encourage you to vote differently in the next election.
Vote not for those who serve the few, but for those who serve you — the many.
You are America and you are my inspiration.


Written By: Charlie Breit (Twitter: @charlie_breit)        






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