October 9, 2019

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Forward Kenosha Responds to Paul Ryan "Ryancare" Press Conference

March 10, 2017

Paul Ryan Doesn’t Seem To Understand How Insurance Works


KENOSHA, 3/10/2017 - Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to understand how insurance works or care about his constituents’ needs, and fails to address all of the ramifications of not having adequate health insurance. Last night, Speaker Paul Ryan gave a 23-minute presentation in which he detailed that the current health insurance law requires healthy people to pay more to cover people who are sick and need more healthcare. “The young healthy person is going to be made to buy health care and they’re going to be made to pay for the person who gets breast cancer in her forties,” stated Speaker Ryan. Ryan believes that requiring healthy people to buy insurance is a contributing factor to the problem with the current health insurance law and is fixed in his bill - the American Health Care Act - also known as Ryancare.


“Insurance works because it allows you to pay manageable premiums each month when you’re healthy, so that you are covered if you get sick and experience an unmanageable cost,” countered Charlie Breit, Forward Kenosha board member with experience in the property and casualty, and life insurance industries over the past decade. “Insurance is all about being protected and covered for the unexpected. That’s how it works. You never know if and when you’ll get sick and have a high need for health care. Insurance allows you to mitigate that risk, get the care you need and not suffer a financial crisis in the process,” adds Breit. 


All Americans should have health insurance and be encouraged to seek health care more frequently even if they believe they are healthy. “There are patients who are in the early stages of a heart attack and do not come to the hospital right away because they are concerned about the cost of an insurmountable bill. Meanwhile, the artery is closed and damaging the heart. The longer the patient waits, the more damage is done and there’s a higher chance of death or long-term complications, which require more procedures. It’s more expensive for the patient and less chance of a good outcome,” says Dr. Kevin Fullin, interventional cardiologist for over 30 years in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Ryan’s presentation suggested that healthy people do not have a high need for care and didn’t recognize that even the healthiest person is only an illness or accident away from needing costly health care. “Our goal should be to find a path for everyone to have affordable health insurance. Having an American not covered, even suggesting that they shouldn’t be covered, isn’t acceptable,” adds Breit. 


Paul Ryan also didn’t address the financial ramifications facing Americans when they do not have health insurance. In 2013, NerdWallet Health analyzed data from the U.S. Census, Centers for Disease Control, the federal court system and the Commonwealth Fund and found that the number one cause of bankruptcy in America was due to unpaid health care bills. “Diseases do not discriminate and without health insurance, Paul Ryan’s constituents and people across America are taking an unacceptable risk with their lives. A risk that could cause life-altering debt or lead to much worse consequences,” concludes Breit.

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