October 9, 2019

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Forward Kenosha Position Statement: Social Justice

April 28, 2017

Forward Kenosha’s mission is to act in solidarity to promote peace and to ensure the dignity, inclusion, equality, safety and respect of every person in our community through education, advocacy and political engagement.


To this end, we will strive for equality, justice and compassion in human relations with a goal of forwarding liberty, peace and justice for all. For this reason, allowing injustices to go without challenge in our community, state and nation would violate our principles. Forward Kenosha resolves to better understand and change the systems that lead to the oppression of people based on class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, language and race.


Forward Kenosha respects the work done by our teachers and our schools and will advocate to provide adequate funding and opportunities for students in all areas of our community. Forward Kenosha believes we should show respect for our police and the sacrifices they make to protect and to serve our community. We will vote for adequate funding, advocate for additional training programs and participate in community outreach partnerships. Forward Kenosha believes our courts and other systems of justice should be fair and will work to fund and support programs that improve these agencies.


At the same time, Forward Kenosha recognizes that these institutions have systemic problems that need to be addressed. Some of these problems are so significant that they result in the deadly treatment of minorities or in disadvantages so significant as to make opportunities to live a full life extremely difficult. We will hold our law enforcement agencies and schools to the highest standards and expect our members to also hold them accountable when they fail.


Forward Kenosha is resolved to support social justice organizations including Black Lives Matter. Forward Kenosha members will work toward developing a better understanding of issues that face our own community and we will work to improve those conditions and to promote justice for all of Kenosha’s citizens.

Forward Kenosha will provide a platform through our social media sites and activities for the voices of people who are most affected by the inequities of our systems and institutions. Forward Kenosha is resolved to truly make our community one of dignity, inclusion, equality, safety and respect for every person.







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