October 9, 2019

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Tell Our Senators to Vote No on the AHCA Bill

June 26, 2017

Call Senator Baldwin and Johnson’s aides to tell them you want the Senators to vote NO on the dangerous AHCA bill which was released today.

Calls to Senators have been reported to have dwindled with the start of summer. Healthcare is too important to stop pressuring our Senators about. And this bill is even more dangerous than the bill released by the House.

Each Senator has an aide that you should call and express your concerns to and ask them to have the Senators vote NO on the ACHA bill.



Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D)

Kathleen Laird, Legislative Assistant, kathleen_laird@baldwin.senate.gov



Sen. Ronald Johnson (R)

Sean Riley, Legislative Director, sean_riley@ronjohnson.senate.gov







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