October 9, 2019

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Tell Kenosha Unified School District Administration and School Board to create Gender Inclusive School Policy

January 11, 2018

On Tuesday, the KUSD School Board voted to payout $850K in an unnecessary lawsuit due to our administration's neglect for having sound school policy. Had KUSD had gender inclusive policies in place, like other districts in Wisconsin, taxpayer money would not have been wasted and the student involved would not have been put through this ordeal.

The settlement on this lawsuit does not prevent future students from taking KUSD to court over their lack of gender inclusive policy.

Please email KUSD school board members and the Superintendent of Schools and tell them to do their job and develop sound policy to protect taxpayer money as well as the well-being of all students. Ignorance, bigotry and neglect should not result in another expensive lawsuit to our district.

School Board elections will be in April. Remember to support candidates who will work proactively to include all students and prevent future loss of taxpayer money.

To contact KUSD Board Members: http://www.kusd.edu/board-members

To contact Superintendent Savaglio-Jarvis:

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