October 9, 2019

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Paul Ryan, bring this bill to the floor for debate

April 19, 2018

Police Training and and Independent Review Act of 2017

Kamala Harris, California’s first black US Senator said:
Officers must be trained to recognize how their unconscious biases influence decisions about how to enforce the law and the appropriate level of force to use, she said. Everyone carries bias, she said, “but when your bias is coupled with the fact that you carry a gun, it is something that has to be a priority for all of us.”

Stephon Clark was fatally shot, 8 shots hit him and 6 were in the back. He was carrying a cell phone in his grandmother’s backyard. It took him at least 10 minutes to die and in the body cam footage, someone can be heard telling officers to mute their cellphones.

Police officers need better training to help avoid such senseless and unprovoked deaths. They need training to help them de-escalate. They need training to help them deal with people who are in mental health crisis. And they need to face consequences for using deadly force against unarmed civilians.

Below is a link to the full text to the Police Training and Independent Review Act. It has been introduced in Congress but has languished ever since.

Call Paul Ryan and tell him to bring this piece of legislation to the floor for discussion. Before another unarmed civilian is killed by police.


Thank you to Randy Shrewsberry, 
The Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform



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