October 9, 2019

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Stop the House Immigration Bills

June 18, 2018

Say NO to the current Immigration proposals-

We can do better!!


Trump wants to dramatically change our immigration system to limit family unification and prevent black and brown people from coming to the U.S., all while holding DACA recipients hostage — and Congressional Republicans are more than happy to oblige him. Here’s how.




Speaker Ryan announced this week that the House will vote on two immigration proposals the week of June 18, both of which have been backed by the Trump White House: the “Goodlatte bill” and one negotiated by Paul Ryan and the White House (“White House 2.0”). Neither of these bills would provide real relief for Dreamers, nor would they end the White House’s family separation policy. What they would do is fund Trump’s wall and turbocharge Trump’s deportation machine. Let’s break them down.


Goodlatte McCaul Immigration Bill:


authored by some of the most anti-immigrant members of the House: Reps. Goodlatte (VA-06), McSally (AZ-02), Labrador (ID-01), and Sensenbrenner (WI-05), and pushed by the ultra-right wing House Freedom Caucus:


*Eliminates the diversity visa program

*Eliminates all family-sponsored green cards except for the spouses and minor children of citizens

*Appropriates $24.8 billion dollars towards border security, including wall construction and more border patrol and customs agents

*Allows the Department of Justice to withhold federal funds for sanctuary cities

*Restricts access to asylum



RYAN Immigration Proposal:


While it does offer a pathway to citizenship to DACA recipients, the process involves a convoluted points system that may take as long as 20 years. There is no guarantee that DACA-eligible immigrants will ever obtain status through this proposal, and yet it comes at a high price:


*Eliminates the diversity visa program

*Eliminates family-sponsored green cards for siblings and married adult children

*Appropriates $23 billion dollars towards border security, including wall construction and up to 50,000 more immigration agents

*Restricts access to asylum


Members of the House need to hear from you that these proposals are unacceptable, be they Democrat or Republican.



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