October 9, 2019

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June 26, 2018

Although public pressure has forced Trump to modify the policy for now, families—including children—can be indefinitely detained in what are essentially prisons. There are also no guarantees that the families torn apart will ever be reunited.

Stephen Miller has been identified by the press as the senior White House official behind this new "zero tolerance" policy and should be fired immediately.

While other officials, such as Department of Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen, have been the public face of this policy, it is Stephen Miller who engineered it — and many of the Trump Administration’s other awful anti-immigrant ideas.

Recently, the New York Times reported that “Mr. Miller was instrumental in Mr. Trump’s decision to ratchet up the zero tolerance policy.” Last year, The Guardian reported Stephen Miller was also the policy architect behind the Muslim travel ban. The New Yorker reported that he was responsible for ending temporary protected status for Haitian, Salvadoran, and Honduran immigrants already living in the U.S.

Miller’s policies look like a page out of the white nationalist playbook — and that’s because Miller has long identified with members of that movement. He even helped white nationalist Richard Spencer raise money for an immigration debate at Duke University.

Stephen Miller’s white nationalist policies have no place in America — let alone the White House. Children don’t belong in cages and families belong together.

Sign the petition and tell the White House to fire Stephen Miller for his disastrous and inhumane policy of separating children from parents at the border.



Then call our Congress people and tell them to take a stand against Miller's cruel and racist policies.



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