October 9, 2019

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July 11, 2018

The nomination confirms Trump's commitment to stack the court with another right-wing extremist who will greenlight Republican attacks on women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ people, people of color, workers, the environment and our democracy as whole. The Senate must stop him.

The fight to keep the Senate from institutionalizing Trump's extremism for a generation is not going to be easy. Republicans stole a Supreme Court seat from President Obama because they were so desperate to advance their extremist agenda.1

Tell the Senate: Don't institutionalize Trump's bigotry and corruption in America's highest court by approving another Trump nominee. Block Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Kennedy was a swing vote on most 5-4 Supreme Court decisions, often siding with the court's liberals on key civil rights and civil liberty cases.2 He validated the constitutionality of marriage equality and upheld Roe v. Wade.3

Kavanaugh comes straight from Trump's extremist-filled shortlist, a group of judges likely to:

  • Overturn Roe v. Wade

  • Undo worker, consumer and environmental protections in favor of corporate profits

  • Give free rein to voter suppression

  • Reject challenges to the death penalty and racial bias in the criminal justice system

  • Give Trump and his administration even more authority to discriminate against Muslims, immigrants. people of color and LGBTQ people

Even more troubling, Kavanaugh believes the president should have increased power to block criminal and civil actions against him.4

Senate Republicans need to get the message loud and clear that their partisan refusal to provide the necessary checks to Trump's corruption and extremism is unacceptable. We must remind Democrats that we expect nothing less than all out defense of the Court, our communities and our democracy. And the entire body needs to know that if they fail to act, we will hold them accountable. 

Can you add your name today to tell the Senate: Don't let Trump institutionalize his bigotry and corruption in America's highest court?


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