October 9, 2019

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Join the August 26th Day of Action against the SCOTUS nominee

July 12, 2018

While President Donald Trump said Tuesday morning that the nomination process for his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh would be a "beautiful thing to watch" over the coming weeks, progressive advocacy groups say they will leverage their collective political will—and the tens of millions of their outraged members—to stand against the president's far-right and extremist choice.

Calling Trump's nomination of Kavanaugh a "five alarm fire," NARAL Pro-Choice America,MoveOn.org, Color of Change, and other groups announced a mass mobilization against the right-wing judge's confirmation, including a nationwide day of action planned for August 26.

August 26th is the anniversary of Women's Equality Day and in all 50 states, we're building a movement to fight Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee and demand that our representatives in Washington MUST act now to protect our most fundamental rights and freedoms.

Americans concerned about Kavanaugh's opposition to abortion rights and other issues the Supreme Court could rule on in the coming years are being urged to demand that Democrats unite against the nomination, and to confront Republican senators who are considered potential opponents—much like thousands of Americans did last summer as the Senate debated a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Click on the link below to sign up now:


Source: Calling Kavanaugh a "Five-Alarm Fire," Progressives Reveal Action Plan to Defeat Trump's Extremist Nominee,
By Julia Conley, commondreams.org



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