October 9, 2019

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Senate: Investigate NRA influence in our elections

July 23, 2018

Senate must investigate: Did the NRA help Russia meddle in our elections?



It is enough to make your head spin, but it also makes a twisted kind of sense: Some of America’s most dangerous right-wing extremists may have broken the law to help the Russian government illegally tilt the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump.


Russian agent Maria Butina has been charged and arrested for trying to influence American politics.1 One of the allegations against her is that she "arranged introductions to U.S. persons having influence in American politics, including an organization promoting gun rights, for the purpose of advancing the agenda of the Russian Federation." That organization is the NRA, and Butina's connections to the pro-gun lobby go back years.


With each new Trump-Russia bombshell, the need for thorough investigation, both by Robert Mueller and Congress, grows. Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have already been investigating whether the NRA helped connect Russian officials to Trump’s campaign.2 Now the entire committee must engage. But the NRA’s stranglehold on Congress means it will take massive pressure for Senate Republicans to do the right thing.


Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee: Investigate whether the NRA helped Russia influence our elections. Click here to sign the petition: https://act.credoaction.com/sign/NRA_Russia_2018



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