October 9, 2019

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October 15, 2018

Georgia Republican Brian Kemp is rigging his own election.


As state secretary of state, Kemp is supposed to be in charge of making sure his own gubernatorial election against former state Rep. Stacey Abrams is fair. It’s easy for someone in that position to abuse his power, and Kemp just abused it to the fullest -- quietly freezing 53,000 voter registrations (70% of which represent black citizens) less than a month before the election.


This is a transparent attack on his progressive African-American opponent. And it affects more than enough voters to tip this competitive race, which is now just 25 days away.


Legit supporters have a history of rapidly assembling and taking action when voter suppression emergencies come onto our radar. And right now is one of those emergencies.


Call Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp now. Support Stacey Abrams’s demand that Brian Kemp step down immediately as secretary of state while he runs for governor.


Kemp should have removed himself from office as soon as he declared his candidacy. Instead he’s doing everything in his power to rig his own election -- fitting in with a frightening trend of state Republicans escalating their attacks on voters now that the Department of Justice and Supreme Court are both likely to turn a blind eye.


We cannot stand by while Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp blocks tens of thousands of voters from the polls, potentially even tipping his own race. Call his office now and demand he step down.


If we don’t raise our voices and do everything we can to shut down this attack on legitimacy, it will set a precedent for Republicans everywhere who are itching to see how far they can take their attacks on voters in the Trump-Kavanaugh era.


Thank you for standing up for our democratic legitimacy today,


Russ Feingold

Founder, LegitAction



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