October 9, 2019

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Tell Greyhound: No Border Patrol on Board!

October 16, 2018

"Greyhound will always welcome Border Patrol here."


That's what a Greyhound employee told activists at a bus station in Washington state, where immigration enforcement was conducting warrantless searches and arrests of passengers.


What's worse: Greyhound is choosing not to listen to ACLU lawyers after we repeatedly met with company executives to make clear that Greyhound has the right to deny Border Patrol entry on their buses when agents don't have a warrant or probable cause.


Imagine taking your regular bus to work or school. The bus pulls over and Border Patrol agents get on board. Row by row, they scan passengers for anybody deemed "suspicious" due to the color of their skin, accent, or the way they dress. They demand proof of citizenship. You think you're just taking the bus home, like any other day – but you end up arrested, detained, and in worst cases, deported.


Tell Greyhound to stop violating the passengers' constitutional rights by allowing Border Patrol agents to board their buses, question and arrest them.


Call the corporate office at: (214) 849-8966 or follow this link to sign the petition from the ACLU.





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