October 9, 2019

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Tell Your Senators: Block Trump Military Action In Venezuela

March 16, 2019

Senator Jeff Merkley introduced a Senate bill to block Trump’s path to launching a devastating military intervention in Venezuela.

But also, terrible news — we might need it, soon. Sec. Pompeo just hastily moved U.S. diplomats out of Venezuela without any notice – severing direct diplomatic ties in Caracas. [1]

Venezuela is a tinderbox right now: in political freefall under the deeply unpopular and destructive Maduro regime, with Venezuelans facing violence, hunger, poverty, and power outages for the past week. Meanwhile, the U.S. has a horrifying track record of military interventions in Latin America.

Far from alleviating suffering, a Trump-led deployment of troops, tanks, and helicopters in Venezuela would be an absolute disaster.

So we need to act fast to stop Trump from plunging into a terrible war of choice in Venezuela. Sen. Merkley’s bill — S.J.Res.11 would throw up a major roadblock, but only if we can get enough momentum behind it now.

Urge your senators to sign on to Sen. Merkley’s bill S.J.Res.11 to oppose unauthorized military intervention in Venezuela!

Trump has already set the stage to start a terrible war of choice in Venezuela.

He openly declared that “all options are on the table.”

His top adviser John Bolton was caught with scribbled notes about sending thousands of troops to neighboring Colombia — the perfect setting to start an accidentally-on-purpose clash that hands Trump an excuse for war.

And Trump even appointed despicable war crime enabler Elliott Abrams to run Venezuela policy. We’re talking about a guy who was not only convicted of lying to Congress about funding a right-wing coup in Nicaragua during the Iran-Contra scandal, but also personally helped cover up U.S.-backed genocide and death squads in Guatemala and El Salvador.

But there’s hope to stop this trio of war hawks. The House version of Sen. Merkley’s bill already has 53 cosponsors, thanks in part to YOUR advocacy: 25,000 Win Without War members have contacted their representatives in the past few weeks about this bill, and 24 more representatives have signed on since!

If we can raise the same kind of early momentum in the Senate, we have a serious chance of slowing Trump’s rush to military intervention. But we’re racing the clock, and every ounce of pressure on every single senator makes a difference.

Sample letter/script:

Dear Senators,

As your constituent, I urge you to fully support S.J.Res.11 to block unauthorized U.S. military action in Venezuela, including cosponsoring this bill if you have not already done so.

President Trump and his administration are increasingly threatening military intervention in Venezuela. Invading Venezuela would not alleviate human suffering or effectively address the harmful actions of the Maduro regime; it would only add to the United States’ history of ruinous military interventions and would risk spiraling into a costly and devastating war of choice. Please support S.J.Res.11 now to block unauthorized military action by the Trump administration.

Source: winwithoutwar.org



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