October 9, 2019

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Demand a $2 trillion infrastructure investment is paid for by Wall Street millionaires and billionaires, NOT working families.

May 22, 2019

Shameless and unprecedented levels of corruption. Families separated and children in cages. Massive tax cuts for billionaires and Wall Street. All while our rights, our health, and our lives are threatened every day.

Since the day Trump took office, fealty to the billionaire class, pain for working families, and cruelty to targeted groups has become the standard for this administration. Now, Trump is laying the groundwork for his next corrupt scheme.


Trump and EVERY member of Congress needs to know that the people will NOT stand for another plan that benefits the wealthy and corporations on the backs of working people.


We've seen time and again how Trump, Republicans, and the billionaires who try to buy both parties in Congress approach major legislation, from repealing Obamacare to the Trump tax scam and more: massive giveaways for them and their cronies, and pain for working families. They’re about to try the same thing again.


Let’s be clear: A massive investment in infrastructure is urgently needed. Last month, Congressional Democrats challenged Trump to tell them how he would pay for his proposal. Here are just a few options for an infrastructure plan that would make the rich and corporations pay their fair share:

• Repeal the parts of the Trump-GOP tax giveaway that benefit the wealthy and corporations to raise more than $2 trillion.
• Assess a small tax on people with extraordinary wealth above $50 million to raise $2.75 trillion, as proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren.
• Tax wealth more like work — so the tax rate paid by the rich on their income from investments matches the much higher tax rate paid on wages and salaries — to raise more than $2 trillion.
• Close corporate tax loopholes and subsidies — such as those received by the fossil fuel industry — to raise at least $1 trillion.


That’s why we’re joining with allies and tens of thousands of progressives across the country to demand a $2 trillion investment in our future that is paid for by Wall Street millionaires and billionaires, NOT working families.
Call and/or sign our petition today: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/sign-now-demand-an-infrastructure-plan-paid-for-by-the-rich-and-corporations?source=group-working-families&referrer=group-working-families&action=infraWeek2019&link_id=2&can_id=fbca7156df24efd30aedcf51b533f8ff&email_referrer=email_551504&email_subject=trump-is-laying-the-groundwork-for-his-next-corrupt-scheme



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