October 9, 2019

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Save the Internet Act - Vote Tuesday

June 10, 2019

When Ajit Pai repealed net neutrality, he promised that ISPs wouldn’t block access to data online.


He was dead wrong.


In the last year, Sprint throttled Skype.1 AT&T gave preference to its own video services.2 Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T slowed down access to YouTube and Netflix.3 Verizon was even caught throttling data for California firefighters.4


This is just the beginning. Unless we can restore net neutrality protections, Big Telecom will only become more and more bold in their efforts to control what we see and do online.


Tuesday (tomorrow), our allies on the Senate will formally move to call a vote on the Save the Internet Act, the bill to restore net neutrality. Fight for the Future is hosting an epic livestream so that millions of people like you can watch their lawmakers work and flood the Senate with calls, letters, and tweets to demand Mitch McConnell allow a vote.


The Save the Internet Act already passed the House of Representatives by a wide margin and with bipartisan support.


But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to allow a vote on the bill, declaring it “dead on arrival,” despite the fact that a majority in the Senate voted to restore net neutrality just last year.5


But more than 80% of voters support net neutrality.6 And new polls show that Sen. Mitch McConnell—who is up for reelection next year—is wildly unpopular with his own constituents in his home state.7


This is the perfect time to turn up the pressure.


So tomorrow, net neutrality champion Sen. Ed Markey will formally call for a vote on the floor of the Senate. Sen. McConnell is expected to then move to block the vote. Usually a procedure like this happens and no one other than people watching C-SPAN even knows about it.


But we're going to make sure the whole Internet will be watching.


Fight for the Future's livestream drew more than six million people during the House fight over the Save the Internet Act. We'll do it again next Tuesday, helping trigger a flood of phone calls, tweets, and emails to the Senate.


To get as many people paying attention as possible, the livestream will feature celebrities, musicians, experts, YouTube content creators and more. We'll be crowdsourcing comments from everyday people to be read aloud. And we're launching a major promotional campaign to let millions of people know just when and how to tune in.


LiveStream: https://www.epiclivestream.com/?link_id=3&can_id=fbca7156df24efd30aedcf51b533f8ff&source=email-mitch-mcconnell-vs-team-internet&email_referrer=email_560840&email_subject=mitch-mcconnell-vs-team-internet


Source: https://www.fightforthefuture.org/



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