Get Involved with Immigration issues

Below is a list of ways you can help in the immigration crisis.

  • Call Your Members of Congress (find yours here) 202-224-3121 with a list of specific demands:
  1. Cancel Raids

  2. Improve Detention Conditions

  3. No Funding for ICE/CBP (“Defund Hate”)

  4. Release of Detained Children and Families

  5. Demand Inspections of Detention Centers

  6. Demand Hearings on Immigrant Detention

  7. Support Merkley’s Shut Down Child Prison Camps Act (S.397)

  8. Support Harris’s Families NOT Facilities Act (S. 388)

  9. Vote NO on Extra Funding for Deportation

  • Call the House Committee on Homeland Security - 202-226-2616
  • Call local representatives (find them here) with these specific asks:
  1. Initiate Plans to Help Immigrant Communities Affected by Raids

  2. Ask that Local Law Enforcement not Collaborate with ICE

  3. Ask When They will Visit Local Detention Centers

NIJC Ambassadors serve as important allies to immigrants in our communities by helping to raise awareness of immigrants’ rights and challenges, create safe spaces for conversation, and encourage the exchange of accurate, quality information.

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